You’ve probably heard of how successful learning management systems (LMS) can be for your clients when coupled with Salesforce, but did you know that the same successful aspects can be utilized for customer support?

That’s right. According to, the best ways to improve customer service are to utilize the systems you and your clients are the most familiar with, such as:

Customer Relations Management (CRM) Software,

Online Tools,

and Social Media

These tools provide even stronger results when they are integrated into a mobile strategy. With the Internet of Things (IoT) and the cloud making mobile solutions even easier to achieve, you might be wondering what tool can take mobility one step further. Let us tell you how.

Try Using Videos

Videos are one of the most powerful tools in your online and mobile toolbox. This is evident in the ever-increasing use of consumer-directed viewing through channels like YouTube and subscriptions to self-serve viewing like Hulu and Netflix. You might be wondering, how much power do videos have, exactly? Take a look at the numbers:

Number of people who use YouTube: 1.3 billion

Number of videos viewed on YouTube every day: 4.95 billion

Average mobile views on YouTube daily: 1 billion

Number of paid Hulu subscribers: 4 million

Number of videos watched on Hulu in 2014: 457 million

Number of Netflix subscribers: 64 million

Hours spent by Netflix members streaming video: 2 billion

These numbers don’t simply cater to entertainment. All three channels mentioned above and plenty of others like them provide educational, training, sales and customer support videos for many venues. More and more companies are turning to online videos to increase customer support every day.

Providing your customers with a self-service option is one of the top ways to enhance the customer experience. Utilizing customer support videos with Salesforce can help increase sales and improve customer experience.

But there’s a catch–you have to have customer support videos that are:



And Easy to Access.

How to Do It?

Simple. Create customer support videos that will answer questions before they’re asked and place or link them in easy-to-find places like the dashboard in your Salesforce CRM Cloud or app.

To do this, begin by employing strategies to predict what your customers may look for when problems occur. Adapt these key strategies to enhance customer service using your Salesforce knowledge and think like YouTube. YouTube uses metrics that track location and demographics of the viewer to provide useful information for each viewer to find additional and relevant videos. Use the same methods to make customer support videos that are:

Relevant: Providing a personal online support experience for your customers is easier than you think. By gathering data relating to potential issues and those experienced previously, you can target the customers most likely to experience those problems.

Available: Encountering a problem is never convenient. Luckily, the Internet can provide answers anytime and anywhere there’s a connection. Providing customer support videos helps consumers help themselves whenever and wherever they need to.

Next, use these six best practices for effective explanatory videos to improve the quality of your customer support:

  1. Simple Design

When a customer has a problem, they’re not interested in cinematography or cutting-edge music. Use simple color schemes and unobtrusive background music that doesn’t detract from the solution.

  1. Short and to the Point

Customers will already be engaged by finding the solution to their specific problem. However, the viewer’s attention starts to dwindle after 60 seconds. Keep their attention by providing that answer quickly and concisely. Although videos 45-90 seconds long are best, some solutions may take longer to present. Use the shortest amount of time possible and keep the focus on the answer they need.

  1. Step by Step Details

If the customer support is a how-to video, provide distinct steps to follow to solve the issue. For a great example, watch this 49 second Netflix video on how to watch Netflix on your television.

  1. Answer the Question

Although this might seem like a given, stay on track by limiting the video content. Answer one question in each video to avoid creating more frustration by making the customer search for what they really need. Keeping the Netflix example in mind, notice how the video gives steps for watching on your television and only your television. The consumer isn’t distracted by wading through how to watch on other devices. The video concisely answers one question and stays on point.

  1. Provide Links to Similar Topics

Even when you answer the most pressing question, customers may have additional problems they need to solve. Help them find more answers by providing links at the end of the video to other topics sought in conjunction with the one in the video.

Finally, use your Salesforce knowledge to build a library that does the research for you by capturing and tracking the data you need while also providing suitable customer support videos.

That’s where SCORMAnywhere comes in. Let SCORMAnywhere show you how to capture the data you need to improve your Salesforce knowledge. Contact us today to learn more.