5 Ways to Measure Video Impact

video impact

No wonder that videos are the essential element of every marketing strategy ever since the brand promotion penetrated the world wide web. Videos help brands and business to introduce their services to their potential customers throughout platforms. Basically, it helps us, marketers to deeper understand our customer’s behavior, like or dislike at the same time we were able to know their feedbacks from that can help us strategize our next step on video strategy.

The next question is how they were able to know that their videos made an impact? Below are the tips and tricks on how can you measure video impact or if your strategy really paid off.

View Count

Is your goal to have your video seen by as many people as possible? While view count is also way to measure video impact and it is just the beginning of your video’s story, it does have some value in helping you measure whether your video is making the rounds and reaching an audience.

This is where you’ll measure if your video was able to view many people as possible. While the view count is just the start of your video’s story. it has values on helping you measure whether your video was able to reach the audience.

You can enhance your video view count in the same manner where you can also increase page views to any contents. Check on your usual promotion platforms and see how your video content was able to perform better than the other things that you’ve published.

Conversation Count

If you have created a video that caters to answer common questions or solve a problem, you can track the video video by counting on how many support emails or calls your company receives about the topic or, the quality of questions you receive at the same time. If audiences are querying on educated manner, then you might be able to infer then it was a success result of doing a good job on starting the basics.

How can you enhance your messaging with video?

Look for areas on your website where somethings might be blunt and try to add a video. Keep an eye on how your regular site metrics also the tracking the number of queries and calls about a specific topic.

Whenever your analytics shows that people are reviewing a section of your video a lot, revisit it so you would know if it’s confusing.

Play Rate

It is a percentage on how many people clicked to play the video and started watching it. A great way to measure whether your video is in the best context. A high percentage of play rate means that you’ve done an effective way creating your video’s context. Most probably, it suggests the description does reflect the topic or whether the thumbnail image is appealing or your video is noticeable enough to catch attention.

Concentration on play rate it will help you optimize the context which people view on your video. On the other hand, if you want to increase your Play rate you might want to alter the context to attract more people to press play:

Move your video on a viewable part of the page or make the embedded larger.

Choose engaging thumbnails.

Alter video’s context, it will be able for the viewers to understand the video’s topic and purpose.

Keep in mind the video concept altogether. Is it really the best way to deliver the message?

Website metrics

One way or another, it all boils down to your website is on the right track. Due to the numbers of viewers who enter your site is an important metric for us marketers if videos was an excellent tool for keeping your viewers within your website. Best videos offer a clear focused on an explanation that viewers can give their full attention. This means that viewers spend more time on a page where your video was embedded.

Also, when embedding the video, always tag your viewer’s activity in your analytics software to keep track on they are converting.There many ways to do it with different video hosts.

Sharing and Commenting Metrics

If someone cares about taking their time commenting on your video or even share it with their own social community, that means you’re on the right track.Not only it can attract new viewers but it can create a sense of credibility of sharing it.

Moreover, people might talk about your business’ services in ways that you unable to measure but keeping it on track on how they shared and discussed your video on media can be a noble test. It’s not only about numbers, also keep an eye on what people are saying about your video.

It does make sense to understanding the ways to measure video impact, especially it is the only way you can start strategizing your next step on video content.

We hope this was able to answer your queries, take note that you can try these steps you might see best results after. If you want to add topics or suggestions you can visit our website is at: www.appinium.com.

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