Appinium and Stantive Collaborate to Engage Partners Customers

Engage Partners

Partners are at the heart of the Salesforce ecosystem. In recent years, Stantive has been fortunate enough to build relationships with other ISV and SI partners that seamlessly align to our philosophies and approach to doing business – we always put our customers first. Today, we’re very happy to announce our most recent partnership with Appinium. Their products include a fully native, full featured LMS on the Salesforce platform, and ViewTrac is the only fully-native video player and analytics solution on Salesforce – a perfect complement to OrchestraPRM – Stantive’s partner relationship management solution built with Salesforce’s Community Cloud – powered by OrchestraCMS.

With our combined technologies, partner enablement and engagement just got easier. Our collaboration aims to make partner enablement more meaningful and less complex by integrating Stantive’s OrchestraPRM with Appinium’s ViewTrac and LearnTrac products.

This solution will give customers real-time access to CRM data, learning, and other resources to accelerate and engage their partner channel. As a combined offering, ViewTrac, LearnTrac, and OrchestraPRM create a personalized experience for every partner based on account details, language, location, certification level, and training requirements.

“Between Appinium and OrchestraPRM, it is simpler and faster for customers to create, publish, and track rich content, learning plans, and partner and customer communications with easy click-based instructions,” said our/Stantive CEO and Founder, Doug Girvin

“As an​ ​example, ​the ​successful completion of Appinium based training within OrchestraPRM can unlock additional content and functionality for newly qualified partners, with no coding or integration required.”

Appinium and OrchestraCMS empowers your Salesforce investment with a scalable, on-platform solution, which integrates rich multimedia content and analytics, and can be launched within days without using code-based instructions. As Steve Jacobson, the CEO of Appinium, said “the collaboration with Stantive makes content distribution smart by breaking the wall of complexity that prevents users from tapping the full potential of Salesforce.”

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Engage, Educate and Empower Your Channel: A Recipe for Partner Community Success

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