Appinium Rebrand Press Release

Appinium Rebrand

San Francisco, CA July 11, 2016 – SCORM Anywhere, a leading provider of video and learning solutions on the Salesforce App Cloud, announced today a brand consolidation and product name change. The company, which develops and manages several successful native Salesforce apps, will now operate under the single corporate identity of Appinium. In concert, the company’s RedWing and SCORM Anywhere apps have been renamed LearnTrac and ViewTrac, respectively.
“This exercise is all about brand cohesion and leverage,” said Steve Jacobson, co-founder and Managing Director. “Our new brand brings together our multiple, complementary solutions for Salesforce clients that had previously operated independently.”

Appinium’s ViewTrac app is the first fully-native video solution on Salesforce. The app plays videos and tracks individual viewer data, regardless of where the content is hosted. It shows clients who launched the video, from what locations, on which devices, how long they watched, and more. And because it’s built on Salesforce, the data flows seamlessly to where clients need it—no integration required. In addition to video, ViewTrac supports eLearning content, MP3 files, PDFs, and more.

Appinium’s LearnTrac app is the only free, full-featured learning management system built natively on Salesforce. The app supports eLearning, instructor-led training (ILT), and virtual instructor-led training (VILT). It also has comprehensive E-commerce capabilities to support revenue-generating training activities.

“Independently, we believe our products to be the most compelling in their categories,” Jacobson shared. “ Together, they offer the single most powerful solution for Salesforce clients to serve and track the consumption of their content, anywhere in Salesforce—this is a game-changer.”

About Appinium

Appinium is a leading provider of content distribution and tracking solutions on the Salesforce App Cloud. Our 100% native apps are designed to empower our clients, Salesforce clients, with unparalleled capabilities around content access control and consumption analytics. We build on Salesforce, for Salesforce, without exception. Our headquarters office is in San Francisco, with business and technology operational hubs in Minsk, Belarus and Manhattan Beach, CA.


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