Scorms 2015 Lookback

Scorm 2015 Lookback

Another year has come for us, opening new doors of opportunities and possibilities. As we look forward to new developments in technology and excitedly await progress in business 2016 has in store for us, it is important that we take a moment to step back from the fast-paced changes that are taking place and look back at all the things we have achieved in the past year.

Here’s a list of blog posts we published that you may have missed out on in the year that passed:

How to Improve Customer Support in SalesForce

In this blog post, we discussed using Learning Management Systems (LMS) for customer support. According to sources, creating a common ground where you and your customers can meet creates an opportunity for both parties to communicate more efficiently. Thus, allowing you to provide better customer service.

Using Customer Relations Management (CRM) Softwares, online tools, and social media are some of the basic tools that you and your customers are probably your common denominators. Maximize the results provided by these tools by integrating them into a mobile strategy. An easy and proven effective way to do so is through producing videos.

Here, we explained reasons why it’s effective and why you should definitely give it a try. We also enumerated six ways on how to produce videos that will improve the quality of your videos. The six ways we expounded on this blogpost are, creating simple designs, keeping your videos short and to the point, providing step by step details, address questions, and providing links to similar topics. Combine all these ways in making videos, master these tips, and you are all set in providing better customer support.

3 Key Features That Will Improve and YouTube’s Performance

Here, we discussed important features that two of the biggest online platforms– and YouTube–can develop and integrate into their systems to provide a more advanced and flawless experience for users.

The three features we highlighted on this blog post is providing active user feedback, the ability to have connection with other material, and API integration.

What we’ve noticed is that in terms of providing active user feedback, SCORMAnywhere has the ability to collect a magnitude of passive information from viewers, simplify it, correlate the information with intelligent insights as well as performance data, and deliver it to the Content Manager. This helps in analyzing lead behavior and makes the job easier, overall decreasing customer support costs and inevitably increasing sales. In conclusion, SCORMAnywhere is as comprehensive as Salesforce and YouTube combined.

On the subject of connectivity with other material, it is undeniable that Salesforce provides to end-users the ability to easily manipulate and access software. This is the greatest flaw that YouTube has in terms of their design, as their focus is solely on providing viewers with quick access to videos and interaction through comments. However, adding links on the videos make it quite complex for users as advanced tools are necessary, and YouTube doesn’t allow for easy updates as a viewer’s interests change, making it appear less seamless.

All in all, these issues can be resolved through regular and consistent updates.

3 YouTube and Vimeo Video Metrics I Wish I Could Track in

Basically, this blog post covers the features that Salesforce currently lack in order to track video metrics on YouTube and on Vimeo. Here, we compared and contrasted what they are currently doing between what they should actually do to help improve the user experience of marketers.

What are these metrics that are so important? Time spent, location, and demographics. All these sound very simple and common, but reading about them on this post will make you think otherwise. It is in these smallest and simplest details that can make or break every marketing endeavor online.

What do you think about our blog posts from last year? Share it with us on the comments section below! Meanwhile, join us in discovering and discussing new topics in the tech world. Hear it first from us!

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