Video Marketing Practices 2016

Video Marketing

This rise of video marketing was undoubted. Especially because it’s had impressive statistics in the past couple of years. As per Youtube reports, video consumption every year it rises by up to 100%.

Billions of people around the world view videos around social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon. In the contrary contents were a bit aloof when it comes to engagement not like with video because it is a combination information and entertainment forms. A video is a useful tool that helps brands communicate to their customers and reach their target audience.

Listed below are the video marketing practices that helped videos to make noise throughout social media platforms.

Create an appealing video content. A video without a purpose is like a balloon that floats anywhere. Take note that in every content there’s an outline, a map that connects all the content and created a single story. Also, Remember that people love to watch videos that have a big impact on everyday life. And most effective videos were inspired by real life situations.

In our current time, a simple video that shows off your brand services and products doesn’t guarantee that viewers will recall your video. As per successful video they were created with fun and engaging stories,that helped them to go viral on all social media platforms. So try to brainstorm some creative ideas for your video and how you can be able to communicate effectively to your target audience.

Keep it short and concise.Video length nowadays is vital to keep your viewers to hook on your video. Due to customers short attention span on engaging on anything especially watching videos, so you need to shorten your video, engaging and concise.

Even though the length of the video mainly depends on the what your video’s goal, so be brief as you can. Mostly ideal video lengths up to 1 minute, exceeding on a minute can result in customers will stop viewing your video before it ends. It only means that you were not able to send out your message effectively.

Engage readers with innovative ways. Consumer behaviors are dynamic and why companies are aiming to create innovative ways to reach their consumers. The video is still a top of the list by means of doing new strategies. However, traditional execution mostly doesn’t get much of attention.

One innovative execution is the interactive video, it is pretty much new to the market. In this video it allows the target audience to engage on taking part in the video and it also affects of increasing sales revenue.

Create a dynamic storyline that can trigger the audiences to give different decisions and they have the control over the video. It is an innovative technique that can allow you to get important information about the consumer customers also to help you strategize your next video marketing.

Share it to different platforms. Once your video is ready for promotional strategies, you have to publish as many platforms as you can. Mostly these platforms are offering for free and paid advertisement.

Likewise, it is a best practice to put additional sites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Apparently, the more reach your video has, the more chances that it can be successful.

Enhance your video for the search engine. SEO is the key if you’re aiming to be to on the top of the page result especially if it’s for organic results. Here are the practices that you should do:

Creating SEO strategy to create keywords that can be useful for your video.

Use the keyword at least once in the headline and description of the video.

Add relevant tags to your video.

Provide additional links to the video description box like; contact information,

Services, Promotions, events, etc.

Do advertise within definite social networks. Most experts suggest that companies should also invest in social video. The fact that people are engaging more on the different platforms. Especially Facebook was able to generate 8 billion views each day. Just imagine the number of views your video could have.

A positive way of advertising on a social network is that you can get useful information like demographics, gender, and age of the people who viewed your video. It can al

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