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Appinium is the most powerful way to leverage videos, multimedia, webinars, and learning natively across your Salesforce environment.

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If you’re not watching your customers, they may stop watching you. How much of your videos are they watching? Where are they watching? What sections interested them most? This wealth of real-time, detailed information is all easily-accessible natively within Salesforce.

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Sales Enablement

How can video create a more human experience during your sales process? What content and tools do your salespeople need to go from good to great? How can you assess their skills and behavior to determine what "great" is? With Appinium, you can answer those questions, and more importantly you can prove it with real data.

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Customer Service

Streamline your service process by allowing customers to create a support case by recording directly from their phones or computers. Use the power of video to see and hear directly from your customers, and to reply to them with instructional videos relevant to their issues.

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With Appinium, your employees, customers, and partners can all learn where they are already interacting with you. And because it's in Salesforce, you can make sure that the right content is always going to the right person and then monitor exactly how they engaged with it.

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Modern businesses are driven by data. So why do you still have your important data in multiple systems? With Appinium, all of your marketing data, sales data, service data, and learning data resides in one place. Oh, and that place happens to be Salesforce where you also track your performance data. Just imagine how insightful and actionable that can be.

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