Interactive Video Marketing, Unleashed

For the past 15 years, you’ve heard that “video is the future” of marketing. We’re past that now. Data-driven interactive video is the new benchmark.

100% native on SalesForce

“Appinium combines modern video and learning to drive unparalleled audience engagement, analytics, and outcomes.”

Andrea Tarrell (CEO, Sercante)

Appinium for Pardot

The most important thing about video marketing is the data. So why are you not collecting all the data? With Appinium, now you get the full 360.

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Public Content

Need video content on your website? In a blog? That’s table stakes. But what if that public content can be tracked in Salesforce, correlated with KPIs? That’s game-changing.

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Schedule your marketing webinars then track registration and attendees, all from within Salesforce. And don’t overlook the value of the recording going forward!

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Do you know how many people have watched your video? That’s nice. Now imagine you could know what parts of the video they actually engaged with.


Schedule all your Zoom Webinars right from within Salesforce, track registrations and attendance, then enhance the recording with CTAs and bookmarks to gauge interest.


Sure, you can embed videos from Youtube anywhere on your website. But wouldn’t it be nice to know WHO is watching them, and HOW they are interacting with them?


Seamlessly add videos from Salesforce into your marketing campaigns, then drive people through funnels based on meaningful video insights.


You might already know how many views your videos have. But who is watching them? Are certain videos more engaging than others? And do those people who interact with video content ultimately convert more often? 

Those are the questions you can begin to answer with Appinium + Salesforce.

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