“We cannot reproduce your issue”

Every time you say that, you lose trust. But with video-powered cases and real-time enablement, it will never happen again.

100% native on SalesForce

“Appinium's flexible model and focus on their customers was fantastic and allowed us to utilize the tools in the manner we needed without trying to make us fit our model into their solution, it was the other way around and still is.”

Aaron Glauser (COO, Sunset Learning Institute)

Video Case

Why are your customers still typing the issues they’re having? Why not let them record a video of exactly what they’re seeing so you see it too?

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Case Deflection

Like a real-time, living FAQ, provide customers the content they need right when they need it to help them solve their own issue.

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Search Tool + Externally Hosted Videos

Video Knowledge

Enhance your knowledge articles and make them more engaging by adding videos. But not just videos, interactive videos you can track to see what resonates most.

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Do you know how many people have watched your video? That’s nice. Now imagine you could know what parts of the video they actually engaged with.


Your service reps have a wealth of information. Tap into that by creating or providing content directly within cases.


Let your users record themselves or their screen directly from within the Service Cloud or the Community to ensure the right conversations are being had by the right people.


Create a collaborative environment with your customers leveraging Chatter, then make the feed modern and engaging with streaming video.


Do customers who are presented with real-time video content resolve their own cases more often? Do cases opened with a video get resolved faster? And most importantly, will your company respond with “We cannot replicate your case” ever again?

Those are the questions you can begin to answer with Appinium + Salesforce.

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